Dear Players,

We are in the process of limiting access to Counter-Strike Online.

The servers are located in Singapore and Malaysia; players from these Territories will be Granted Access.

If you are located in Singapore and Malaysia, we may wrongly restrict your access to our game server.
Please kindly send us a TICKET with the following information as below in order for us to assist you better:

1) Your IP Address
2) Trace route report. Here are the steps to send us your trace route report:
a. Run Counter Strike Online
b. Go to 'Start'
c. Go to 'Run'
d. Type 'cmd' and Click 'Ok'
e. You will then see 'C:\Documents and Settings\User', type 'tracert follow by'. Copy and paste the results into a notepad, then save as 'TraceRT.TXT'

We appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.